The Lexington Challenge


There will always be critics and people jealous of the success of others. No matter how you try it is very difficult to reason with those who refuse to see that their behavior as bullies is unacceptable. But, to those for whom God is money, there is cash to be made in advertising and he more “hits” you have on your website, the more you can charge your clients for ads that might be seen by a prospective buyer of their wares. One of the ways to do this is controversy, online bullying. Picking a fight. Safe behind a keyboard to tell lies and slander the enemies of their choosing. Usually innocent.

That is why some of the Black Dragon brothers went to visit Don Roley, to make sure no one got hurt. And, no one did. Even though some were insulted to their face, as they have been for years online. To let him know that we are watching him and ignoring his insults and taunts, just like Ron Collins. But, some of us are getting a little tired of him getting away with his online bullying. There have been many books and internet articles about how this is a constant problem on the internet and how some users have even been driven to commit suicide and their killers still boast of it. Lesser men would have defended their honor, or their colors. But, these are men of peace who can fight like ten tigers. We do not believe that might makes right. We believe that martial arts are for self-defense ONLY and should not be used to intimidate other martial artists like Count Dante did.

Our members “beat him at his own game.” While he claimed to be ready to meet Ron Collins, he was not prepared to engage any of the brothers. In the shouting match he pretended not to know who he was speaking to even though he was told it was a Black Dragon who was there to represent. When he insulted another, he was suddenly face-to-face with a man he had demeaned and insulted many times online and realized his imminent peril and flinched, he was leaning back, off balance. To a true warrior, that is all it takes. And, he was facing a man who trains warriors. No one likes to be called a fake and a fraud to their face. Not many men will stand for it.

Ron Collins, a vendor at the Gathering who has long been slandered by Don Roley, came to fight. Roley tried to turn it into a “sparring match.” That was a stalling tactic. In his "blog challenge" he said nothing about "sparring."

Then, when he was given a chance to set the rules of this match. He had more time.

When he was asked if he thought the outcome of the match would change his behavior in any positive way or if he would just continue his crude antics of trying to be a “shock jock” online, insulting people and then not showing up for matches he claimed to have made. He replied he would continue, regardless of the outcome. Thereby "making the prize worthless." He challenged Ron Collins online to come and face him. Ron came. That is all that is required for standing up to a bully. You don’t always get to hit them. That was the test. As you can see, maturity won out.

That is what people want to see, that is leadership. That is the blow not struck. Whining at the last minute about his wife’s illness makes Roley a pitiful figure, hiding behind the mask of sympathy, saying that he “was not going to do anything to get himself arrested because she needed him.” He should have thought of that before he started shooting off his mouth. Some people consider it to be “hiding behind a woman’s skirt.” Others feel that taking that into consideration shows mercy. It also proves he was deliberately "baiting" and "egging on" the incident in the hopes someone would lash out and criminal charges could be filed. Because, you see, that is what a bully wants, for someone to "put him in his place," so he can claim he is a victim.

See, when you are mature, when you have learned some of the lessons of life, you know what is important. And, you don’t go around making enemies of people you know nothing about. Because sometimes, when people see an injustice, they take it upon themselves to rectify the situation. Roley is not the authority on what is legitimate and what is not, he just thinks he is. With his tiny band of cronies who feed on each other’s anger and angst, using tired old debating tricks, he makes life miserable for others because his life is miserable and he wants attention so he can whine about it. That is why no blood was spilled in Lexington, because we had resolved that childish arguments such as this are not sufficient cause to use force. That is what we learned from Count Dante. That is what we were taught by Lawrence Day. “When you know you can break the brick, you no longer need to break the brick.” Roley has made lots of enemies, one of the them will get him sooner or later. And, whoever does, will pay the penalty. There are some people it is just not a good idea to mess with. However, largely because of Count Dante’s “Dojo Wars” in the sixties, the police no longer turn a blind eye to confrontations between rival martial arts schools. See, it’s not hard to be mean. You just have to be scared all the time and lashing out at innocent people because you are angry, mostly at yourself. What is hard is to be kind, to have compassion and mercy for those who would attack you.

Those who participated in the 2016 Lexington affair were reprimanded by the Head of Family, BDFS Even those at the highest ranks. This is not the sort of behavior that is sanctioned by our fellowship. If someone treats you badly, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you. Healthy people do not go around hurting other human beings. The head of family along with several other of our ranking council are ministers and/or pastors and serve as spiritual leaders and advisors to the leadership and the rank and file of the organization. They along with other enlightened individuals guide the direction and offer the vision that leads our organization today. We have over the years gone from childhood and adolescence to responsible adulthood.

“Let me put it out there so it will be on record. Dojo raids of other schools or their organization's teachers will not be tolerated. We had an incident in Kentucky that was instigated by one of our senior grandmasters. Someone who should have known better. We don't want a latter day reenactment of the Dojo Wars of the sixties and seventies. Those who participated in the aforementioned incident have been harshly reprimanded. Any such incident in the future will result in suspension or expulsion from the fellowship. That goes for all members at whatever level. The same rules apply to me and the rest of the leadership as applies to the rank and file. No-one is above disciplinary action if they act against the interest of our brotherhood.” Dr. Donald Miskel, Senior grandmaster, Patriarch and Head of Family, IFAA OBDFS

Our fellowship must stand behind this act and even be proud of it. Because this time, non-violence prevailed. We are a brotherhood based on merit. We don’t care about your color, religion, gender, age, or political affiliation or personal problems. Only your martial arts skills. This is a confirmation that we have become better men, the true goal of all martial arts. And further, that we are better men than those who challenge us or attack us from the safety of the internet. We are here to help each other, not kill. As human beings, we have a higher calling. As John Kennedy said, "We do the hard things, not because we want to, but because they must be done." That is what makes us men of integrity. Blood makes us related, loyalty makes us family. One for all, All for one.

Now! You can see the complete, un-edited, 14 and a half minutes of the response made to Don Roley's online challenge to come from our event, "only sixteen minutes away" according to him, and face him or be branded cowards. If he was really Bruce Lee, like he thinks he is, and thought he had a problem or wanted to insult someone to their face, he would have come to us.

Judge for yourself! Who is the liar and the coward? Who had five people at his cheesy seminar while we had three hundred? Who is he bully and who are the mature adults?

The Lexington Challenge

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