Learn the secret Kung Fu exercises that will make you,

Invulnerable to serpent’s fang or tiger’s claw…

Invincible in combat…

Immortal champion of light and justice…

“First, one must establish the root, so that he becomes an immovable object...This is called GROUND CHI

“Next one must become impervious to attack by creating internal body armor...This is called IRON VEST...

“Then, one is ready to learn "striking from the heel," to make your fist an Irresistible Force..This is called FA-JING..

These are the Three Treasures of Kung Fu, from which flow all the legendary healing and longevity techniques of ancient civilizations that enabled man to live long and healthy lives without “modern” medicine. Return with us now to those simpler times. Learn the secret of your own internal power and become the master of your fate, the captain of your soul and a good example for all. These techniques were once widely known, then forbidden. Now it is time to share them with you again. It doesn’t take years of training or pain. Just a few basic steps. Anyone can do them. It’s as simple as that…”

It only takes sixty minutes, one INVINCIBLE HOUR, to find out how. What have you got to lose? You might just learn something that will save your life, and make you a better person as well. Unlike anything you’ve seen before.

This DVD/Videotape was originally sold under the title "The INVINCIBLE HOUR." It was, however, so successful that Grandmaster David Harris has expanded his program into the current 4-volume set. This is the beginning, the basic set of techniques that should be mastered before the advanced methods are attempted. These techniques alone will enable you to stand head and shoulders above your former level of training.

1 hour, Color, DVD Format; $29.95


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