Classic Black Dragon Fighting Society Patch

          The American Branch of the most ancient and honorable Black Dragon Fighting Society was founded by the late Count Juan Raphael Dante and opened to public membership in 1968. This logo, the Running Dragon, looking back on his heritage and training, is the official symbol of our martial arts fraternity.

          John Keehan AKA Count Dante was born in Beverly, Illinois, on February 2, 1939, and died May 25th, 1975. His unexpected death at age 34 is the cause of much deliberation. It is attributed to a perforated stomach allegedly caused by either a bleeding ulcer, toxic poisoning or “Dim Mak” poison hand technique that resulted in his untimely death. A strong indicator of foul play may be that his body was autopsied numerous times and he is buried in an unmarked grave.

          According to urban legend, Count Dante had participated in forbidden Death Matches on the closed Chinese mainland and had killed three men with his bare hands using the Tibetan Burning Palm taught to him by master Senzo Tanaka. He was schedule to fight again in 1975. With his untimely death the invitation was offered to his young protégé, Frank Dux, who competed in Keehan’s place in the coveted and legendary Kokuryukai, Black Dragon Fighting Society No-Holds Barred, Anything Goes, Last Man Standing Kumite. This event is the basis of the 1988 classic martial arts film Bloodsport. based on true events in the life of Frank Dux, Undefeated Champion 1975-1981, who still holds sixteen unbroken World Records for Fastest Punch, Fastest Kick and Fastest Knockout.

          In one of his more famous books, Rudyard Kipling described how a young spy was secretly trained to save himself if captured by holding up an amulet and proclaming himself to be a Brother of the Charm (whatever it might be), implying that if he were harmed his brothers would come to avenge him. This might make them hesitate long enough for him to devise an escape or to seize the initiative and strike first. So too it is with the Black Dragon Fighting Society, very often the mere mention of our name is enough to restore order or prevent a mugging. Therefore, in these troubled times, we offer this, our banner, to those who may need it. Members of this group are considered Tatenokai, the Shield Society, who must act in a manner befitting a martial artist and set a good example for all. They may also petition for membership and volunteer to serve as unregistered agents of the society, much like the Baker Street Irregulars of the Sherlock Holmes novels.  

          This is the direction of our order for the 21st century. To bring peace and help others. We have always been considered the best of the best. We invite you to join us in this noble cause.

* Be all that you can of the Few...who set a good example for all...

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